CAHMA - Cornish Alternative Health Magnets & Aloe
Hi…… I’m Judy Hinks,

Welcome t.o my website........I am an Independent Ecoflow® Distributor, and have been for over 9 years, and I would like you to meet Chloe, one of my most successful customers!
and Badger, one of my more unusual customers !

For just over 4 years, I have also been an Agent for Nigel Broderick's new enhanced magnetic products. If you want to look at these, follow this link to my new website:

Over 1.5 million people and numerous animals, worldwide, have found that the unique technology in  Bioflow® magnetic therapy products has helped them control a multitude of different health problems.....from arthritic pain to migraine! Many are now finding that the new Brodpod and BrodTeNs magnets are also extremely effective!

  From this website, you can familiarise yourself with the wide range of Ecoflow/Bioflow products and find out about the company itself…... .. and also find out about my new Brodpod range....but more about that below!

Please use my Products page to browse the products or, if  you need more detail there is always the company website....
to find out more about my exciting new range of magnetic products from the originator of Bioflow.

You probably heard about us in the first place by word of mouth…...…most websites encourage people to buy online but although I hope to have that facility in the near future, I really feel that it is much better that we talk before you buy one of our products. WHY? Because that way, I can do my best to ensure that you have the product most suited  to your particular needs and give you the best chance of getting the most from it.
  So please contact me on:- 01579 383960 or 07929399495        Evenings are preferable as I am often busy with events and markets during the day but if you leave an answerphone message, I will get back to you asap.
You can alsoemail me on
As I mentioned above, I am often out and about at local markets and other events. This gives you a chance to see the full range of products, and perhaps try on a Bioflow/Brodpod wristband if you would like to !
I live in Callington and will always visit your home if you would like me to.......and if you live relatively locally!

My regular venues are :-

Tavistock Market.       Thursdays only
 9-4.30 pm 

Kernow Mill,Trerulefoot... at Trerulefoot local produce market....
 FRIDAY's........back on July 11th.....

The marquee did stand up to the storms  but the tree missed us by inches....and another one...


Kernow Mill ,Trerulefoot


           Tavistock Market Entrance

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